Advent calendar challenge day 21: water marble


Disclaimer: this is my first water marble attempt! I’ve never done water marble before. It’s another one of those things that I put into the “too hard” basket. But it’s part of the challenge so I had to give it a chance. I think with more practise I will get better at it – it didn’t turn out too bad. My main annoyance with this method is the messiness and variations of what can go wrong. I’ve heard that you need to use room temperature water but the water I used was quite cold because it was a cold day today in Wellington. It took me a few attempts at getting the polish to spread out nicely. I used red, green and gold, but the gold didn’t show up as much as I would have liked.




3 thoughts on “Advent calendar challenge day 21: water marble

  1. brooklinmommy says:

    I think you did just fine – there are a handful of people who are good at water marbling (Polish Alcoholic….looking at you!!) and I am not one of them for sure. My Day 21 “attempt” is still to come…I keep avoiding it by doing new polish swatching 🙂

    • kallianakong says:

      I know, her water marbling is amazing! I ended up taking this off after I took photos.. I couldn’t handle the mess around the cuticles and it was too hard to clean up properly (read: I was lazy). I have too many new polishes for someone who declared NO New polishes until April.. Oops..

      • brooklinmommy says:

        What a courageous resolution!! No polishes until April? The best I’m doing at the moment is giving most of my new polishes to hubby to “give” to me for Christmas 🙂 Boy, he has great taste in nail polish 😉

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