Liebster Award Nomination..


I was lucky enough to be nominated as a Liebster Blog. As far as I know it is called an award but upon some research it appear a winner is never actually chosen? Aside from that I am touched to be nominated by a fellow polish blogger, Polish Alcoholic. I don’t even know if I am allowed to call myself a polish blogger. I don’t think I am as committed to nail polish as most other bloggers are and I don’t feel that my posts are particularly amazeballs or anything. Nevertheless, I am very grateful to be nominated, especially by someone I admire quite a lot, so here is my obligatory post as follows:

Award instructions:


When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
Pass the award onto 11 other blogs (make sure you tell them you nominated them!) and ask them 11 questions.
You are not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated you!
Make sure the blogs you chose have 200 or LESS followers

Random facts about me:

1. I am lactose intolerant 😦 but I love cheeses!
2. I can’t drive… Yet
3. I fall asleep watching how I met your mother almost every night
4. I usually paint my nails while watching “shortland street” (NZ medical soap opera)
5. I am Asian and eat rice pretty much every day.. No life without rice!
6. As much as I like nail polish my real weakness is clothes! Most notably.. Dresses.
7. I have two goldfish named Pinchy and Ignatius.
8. My favourite animal is a giraffe and I have a NICI brand giraffe soft toy that I sleep with
9. I sing really loudly in the shower
10. When I am sick I like to eat a whole salami and chicken corn soup hold the chicken please..
11. I don’t like flowers.. I think that They’re a waste of money because they just die and get thrown out.

And here are 11 questions from Polish Alcoholic:

1. What’s your dream job?

Ummmm… Well my ultimate dream job would be either a sitcom writer or a comedienne. In terms of what I actually will achieve: restaurateur.

2. What is your favorite beauty brand?

I can’t choose ONE! So…..
Skincare: Za
Nail polish: Orly and OPI
Make up: Rimmell London
Hair: Paul Mitchell

3. If you receive one million cash, how would you spend it?

If I had to spend ALL of it then I would buy a new house, an apartment in the city, a brand new Subaru WRX for my man, pay off my parents mortgage, my student loan then just go travelling and shopping.

If I didn’t have to spend all of it then I would buy an apartment and a car and put the rest in a term deposit.. Boring but smarter than gallivanting.

4. Which season is your fave and why?

Fall/Autumn because that’s when my birthday is!

5. What is your absolute favorite food?

My mums lamb kebabs.. Cambodian style meat sticks! Yummmmmmmmmm! You know it’s party time when the sticks come out.

6. If you had the option to change a part of your body what would you change and why?

Well.. My tummy because its a bit pudgy. However… I don’t like this question because why should women be made to feel like they’re not perfect all the time!?

7. What’s your Facebook, Bloglovin, Pinterest and Twitter?

Well my FB is private (i.e i don’t have a fan page) so there’s no point listing that. My Twitter is @kallianakong and I do not have any of the others.

8. If you could make a wish, what would that be and why?

That there really (not just people saying that we are equals now) wouldn’t be gender inequality anymore.. No more pay gap!

9. What is the one thing that you cannot leave behind when you’re going away?

My iPad!

10. What beauty product is the #1 on your wishlist?

Urban Decay Naked Palette 1

11. What is your biggest fear?

Snakes. Ew, gross!

I am going to nominate the following blogs:

My good friend Nina at New Shoes in Town (a fellow Wellingtonian too!)
The wonderful Polish Herself
The inspiring All World Issues
The very crafty midn1ghtbutterfly

I cannot come up with 11 blogs to nominate: they have all either already been nominated or have more than 200 followers, so I am only going to nominate these four.

My questions are as follows:

1. What is your staple wardrobe item?

2. Who is your style icon?

3. What is your favourite song to get in the mood for partying?

4. Name all the different countries you have been to.

5. Sweet or savoury?

6. Would you rather have no arms or no legs?

7. What was the last meal that you ate?

8. What is your favourite summer beverage?

9. Who is your inspiriation?

10. What date is it suitable to put up your Christmas tree?

11. What is your favourite Disney movie?


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