Purple polka dot and lace nails


I wanted to try out another one of my new purchases Orly’s Purple Pleather. I have to say the formula is great, you could get away with 1 coat but I used two. It dries like a matte finish but not quite – it really does look like pleather in finish! Funny that.. The pics below also include a swatch of Purple Pleather by itself with no top coat.

Any who. I started with two coats of purple then used bys black satin to create a curve down the middle of my nails. I didn’t want to do this design on every nail – mostly because I’m getting polka dot withdrawals. I then used a small paint brush to create the lace edge and redefined the inside of the lace using purple pleather again and a dotting tool. I then used the small paint brush again and OPI designer.. De better! to create stitches near the edge of the lace in the black.

I went with a plain black nail for my middle finger (should be good to flip the bird.. Kidding!) and used the black to create polka dots on the other nails. As always, slashings of top coat used.

I think it turned out great! I luuuuurve it lots. I was largely inspired by THIS YouTube video.

Afterword: I couldn't leave the plain black nail alone! I went over it with a coat of OPI teenage dream and made black polka dots. Glittttttterrrrr makes me feel good.





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