Argyle knit inspired nails


This design is directly inspired by the latest Cute Polish tutorial on YouTube that I just watched when I got home from work today.

I started off with a base coat and painted all but my ring finger a sky blue by MIKI and painted my ring finger with OPI Yodel On My Cell. Two coats did the trick quite nicely in both cases. I then used a darker blue striper on the light blue nails and a black striper on the accent nail to make a big X that met in the middle of the nail and filled in the V shape with the striper too. I then went over the two base colours with a white striper – the video will show you exactly how to do it. It’s hard to explain in blog form!

Note my pinky is still rather short ūüė¶ I also got a bad burn from cooking yesterday too owwwwies! My pinky is just not having a good time lately.




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