Half moon manicure


I feel like its been a while! What a great weekend! I bought one of the polishes from the new OPI Skyfall collection online – cannot wait for it to arrive (along with a bunch of other polishes.. Oops!)

Today is lazy Sunday but I had to rack my brain a bit to paint my nail design today because I usually have something in mind well before I start painting but i haven’t seen anything that I want to try online and didn’t really see any cute new textiles today.

Anyway I started off with a white base using Sally Hansen white on and then painted a half moon at the bottom of each nail using OPI that’s hot! Pink. The photo makes it look more coral than it actually is.. For the half moons I used a brush that I bought from Whitcoulls yesterday – the smallest paint brush I could find! It was my first time using it. It went pretty well a lot more control than using the polish brush. I then used a black striper to outline the half moon and last of all I used a toothpick to create the lacy detailing with BYS black satin.

All in all.. Pretty good effort! Sorry about the messy nail beds etc.. I can never be bothered cleaning up around my nail before I take a photo! Impatient..



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