Gift box inspired nails


Today I was out shopping and I saw this really, super cute gift box at Japan City on Cuba Street. The second I saw it I was like “oh my gosh! Nail art opportunity!”

I started off using my regular base coat then painting the base colours on my nails. I used sinful colors Bianca and China Glaze Shower Together. I painted my thumb and ring finger blue and the rest I went with pink. I then used a white striper on the pink nails and did white polka dots on my ring finger and painted a bow on my thumb. I found the bow quite time consuming but painted the bow in white so that the pink would pop more when I put it over top of the white.

I think it turned out really well! Excuse my laziness I haven’t cleaned up around my nails yet I was too excited to post this! Also, my photos have turned out a lot better because I’m using an iPhone instead of my iPad. Yup, jumped on the bandwagon there a little bit.

Check out my nails in front of the beehive building at parliament! Swag..






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