Nail polish storage upgrade


I recently upgraded my nail polish storage from an old shoe box that was seriously overflowing. Not to mention ripping on the sides so badly that tape was almost required to step in.. I decided enough is enough and went on a mission to sort out my life. Well, my nail polish storage.

I ended up getting two clip lid containers from the warehouse. The one pictured is the perfect height not only for a single layer of upright polishes but also to fit under my coffee table. I keep my polish under my coffee table so that it is out of sight but easily accessible (I do my nails while watching tele) out of sunlight and it makes it easy to hide newly obtained polishes from a certain, slightly disapproving alpha male.

I organised the polishes by colour group. Before in the days of ye olde shoebox I organised by brand and had swatches on the lid by brand too. I still need to sort out swatches for this new system.. I’m thinking of getting nail wheels like they have in shops to display the colours. Someone thinks this is too excessive but I think it is necessary! For now I just ripped off the shoebox lid with the existing swatches. It’ll do for now.

I got two boxes (one not pictured) this one was $7.00 and the larger I think was $9.00. The larger is the same length and width just deeper because I wanted to keep my cotton balls, cotton pads, nail files, remover and all that sort of stuff in there. I also keep all my nail treatments, nail art stripers, top coats and base coats in the large box too. Only colours in the small one.

I’ve seen lots of different and much cooler ways for storing polish. I wish I could have a grand stand style rack but it would need to be HUGE to fit all my polish so would be real expensive and take up too much space in a small flat. Sigh.




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