Review: cutex nourishing nail polish remover


A little something different. On the weekend I bought new nail polish remover from the warehouse. Usually I buy my polish remover from Farmers (Sally Hansen strengthening remover) but I was at the warehouse and I remembered that I was running low so I picked some up. They don’t carry Sally Hansen remover there so I got cutex (the only brand of remover that they had) nourishing nail polish remover. They did have a strengthening formula but I was drawn to this one because the formula is milky white.

First off the remover is not as.. Potent as my regular. It smells a lot nicer but takes more product and effort to remove polish. Side note: the teenage dream glitter was not as hard to get off as I thought it would be.

Anyway, the cutex remover was pretty cheap ($5.99) but I wouldn’t purchase it again, especially since it is only 100mL and the Sally Hansen is 150mL and only a little bit more in price and lasts longer.




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