Zombie/Frankenstein nails


I am post heavy today because I had to stay home sick from work. I pretty much spent the whole day sleeping and feeling sorry for myself.

Any who, since it’s October now I guess we can start thinking about halloween inspired nails. I started off by alternating matte mint green by BYS and Show me the way by Sinful Colors. The sinful colors needed 3 coats but the matte green is a one coater – definitely a favourite.

I then used a black striper to make the hair on the tip of the nail – just using small strokes along the top and edges. I then used a dotting tool (I personally used the flat end of a wooden skewer) with sally hansens white on to create the eyes. Taking the black striper again I drew the eyebrows, mouth and dotted the eyes.

As always I took inspiration from a YouTube video.




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