Cute little heart nails


Sometimes a manicure can make you feel so much younger than you are. When I have fun cute nails I feel like I’m 16 again! On the flip side when I wear a plain burgundy red manicure I feel like my mother..

This design makes me feel young and takes me back to that time when you first start dating and all that jazz.

I started off with two coats of coralicious by Rimmel London – part of their 60 seconds range. It has a really cool flat brush which makes it really fast and easy to paint your nails evenly. Then I took some white and light pink (white on and first blush by Sally Hansen) and put a little bit of each colour on a spare piece of paper and used a tooth pick to make heats. To make the heart shapes I make two ‘blobs’ of colour and join it with a point.



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