Very random nails! Lots of designs.


Now, this is a look I came up with when I was extremely bored and I had more than one type of nail on my mind. I was just playing around with different designs but decided to keep this mani on for a few days last week. This is going to be a bulk post since there are so many designs on this one mani that you can definitely use for a whole mani instead.

Polishes used are “designer.. De better!” By OPI (from their Muppets collection), “bianca” by sinful colors, a red striper by Jordana and a black striper as well.

For the thumb, I just did the same tiger stripe method as my previous post keeping it simple with the black stripes contrasting against the silver. The next nail is.. Actually an accident! I tried to do the tiger stripes again but my hand slipped so I ended up turning it into a plaid-like pattern. From far away it looks OKAY.

For the middle finger I went with a twist on a French manicure by making it more pointed in the middle as opposed to going for a curve. I took the brush and placed it on the side of the nail about a third of the way down since my nails were quite short and then painted in a straight line going up so that the painted area looks like a half moon.. Repeat on the other side and then I lined the bottom of the pink with a red striper to give it some contrast.

Wooohoooo next is leopard print! Leopard print is pretty easy as long as you take your time deciding on placement of the spots. Take a striper and gently draw half circles randomly on your nail. Some of the half circles can have another half circle on the other side so that it almost makes a whole circle but it doesn’t quite get there. Once the striper dries. Take another colour (also looks good with solid colour as the background and glitter for the inside of the spots) and fill the inside of the half circles. Finish off with some small spots around the print in the same colour as the striper.

Aaand the pinky finger! I went with a little pair of red lips on this nails. Start off by drawing a curved line on the nail and drawing a straight line to join the tops so that it is like a crescent, above this draw two smaller crescents that join together in the middle to create the cuspids bow, slightly curve the line that joins the bottom of this so that there is a small gap and fill in the top part.

Here is a YouTube video showing you how to do the lips, this is the one that I taught myself off originally.



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